Baby Daybook – daily tracker

★ Baby Daybook – daily tracker is a perfect app for tracking daily activity of your newborn easily! ★
- Know how long since the last baby feeding, did he take a nap, how many diapers were changed today, etc. 
- Write a note for any activity (baby spit up the milk while nursing, was crying during sleep, enjoyed first bath, etc.).
- Each day’s summary lets you see the stats and filter daily activities with a single tap. 
- Supports breast feeding, breast pump, bottle (formula), drink, solid food, diaper, sleeping, bath and medicine tracking.
- Multiple babies tracker is very useful for taking care of twins or even for tracking mother’s activity.
- Dark interface will not disturb your newborn during night feeding.
- Customizable app color.

Take care of you baby with Baby Daybook – Log Tracker app!

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